Kelsey Newburry Welcomes You to Swim at
The Town Club

The Town Club offers premiere swimming activities in our two great pools overlooked by the Club’s outdoor dining and lounge areas.

The 2019 Swim Program is led by Kelsey Newburry. Activities and programs provide vital swimming skills as well as fun and competition for Town Club members.

Swim Lessons

Lessons range from beginner to advanced and are taught using Red Cross standards that provide all important safety skills for children in an environmental of fun learning and social interaction. Private lessons are available. Parents, and with Board approval, nannies, enjoy poolside viewing.

Swim and Diving Club (Team Town Club)

Competition, continued skill advancement and fun for all are available to children signed up for Swim Club. The team is coached by Joel, and will have 5-6 evening meets with other clubs. Important events include the District Championship and the Club Championship.

Synchro Team

Friendly competition, continued skill advancement and fun for all are available to children on the Synchro team. Children are organized by age to plan, practice and present original synchro dance performers in the very festive Annual Synchro Show at The Town Club.

Grill Nights/Family Fun Nights

Over the course of the summer, children and families enjoy Family Fun nights typically arranged to coincide with Grill Nights. These events consist of games for various ages all the way up to adult and whole family companions. Weather permitting, guards are provided most Grill Nights.

Flick and Floats

Always a favorite, families and children are invited to enjoy a movie while floating on special summer evenings at The Town Club.

Adult Swimming

There are many times during the summer schedule where the main pool is reserved for adult-only swimming.